Jamshedpur - 831001, CBSE Affiliation No. - 3430135, CBSE School No. - 66332

Rules Regulations  
  1. All the students must observe code of conduct in letter and spirit, and avoid schedule of offence.
  2. All the students must possess school diary, identity card, text books, note books, stationary etc.
  3. Students are advised not to bring cash or valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
  4. Application for leave must be submitted to the class teacher, in advance. It should be counter signed by the parent/guardian.
  5. The student must come in school uniform only.
  6. The students should obey house captains, class captains, teachers and other students on duty/student on duty/student council members.
  7. The students are not allowed to leave the school during working hours. Petty leave is not granted. Students must stay back home if they have a doctor’s appointment.
  8. Tiffin is not accepted during school hours.
  9. Students should be regular and punctual.
  10. Any damage to the school property by the students will have to be borne by the students/ parents/ guardians.
Any act which displays the student as not showing respect to authority Throwing dirt or rubbish into drains or roads or anywhere other than the dustbin. Beating drums, desks, rocking chairs. Damaging school property-viz, library, laboratory, lavatories, display boards, posters, models etc.

Misdemeanor of any kind
  • Destroying trees, bushes, plants or lawns / plucking leaves or flowers
  • Trespassing ground, lawns, plucking flowers.
  • Late coming and negligence of duty.
  • Keeping weapons, explosive, crackers, intoxicants, cell phone, valuables, money.
  • Fighting, quarrelling and creating disturbance or making unnecessary noise of any kind.
  • Declining to show I.D. Card when called up to do so.
  • Being found outside the class without a pass, or being in possession of I.D. card belonging to others.
Not conversing in English
  • Making false accusation, assaulting either provoked or otherwise.
  • Indulging in or encouraging any form of malpractice in connection with examination / evaluation or any other school activities.
  • Coming in dirty and unironed uniforms or wearing shoes that are not polished.
  • Tearing papers, littering wrappers, eatables.
  • Walking out of the line.
  • Using unparliamentary / abusive language.
  • Eve teasing.
  • Interfering with the right of other children to learn freely.
  • Playing with stones, mud, broken furniture etc.
  • Not bringing the school diary
  • Bringing a mobile phone, pager, ipod, and iphone to school.

NOTE : Collective fine would be changed for damage to school property, in case the real culprit in not found.


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