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Special System  
The CBSE has stipulated certain conditions in the affiliation bye-laws to ensure safety of students in the school.
In order to cater to the safety measures the school management has decided to install a C.C.T.V. Monitoring System. This will be installed at important locations in the school. This will help monitor activities in the campus resulting in the better standards of discipline. This will also contribute towards better safety and security standards in the school.


In the age, where every day security is becoming the biggest concern among citizens, parents are increasingly concerned about the accountability of their children when they leave home for school and till the time they return home. At the same time with today’s social and political problems, schools and parents are required to take definite steps to tackle this.
We have an additional responsibility of ensuring the safety of the children while they are at school. That is to say, from the time they leave home for school either on a school bus or on their own till the time they reach home, again either on a school bus or on their own. Now, while it’s not the school’s responsibility to monitor the movement of a child once he or she leaves school (for non school bus children) but the school can take steps to alert parents and schools, if things are out of the ordinary in the arrival and departure patterns of the children from school.
With the influence of the media, opulent lifestyles, increasingly busy parents and worst of all. Sheer peer pressure, the best of and the most disciplined of children are coerced / influenced into missing school, resulting in the parents believing their children are at school, when actually their whereabouts are unaccountable.
Realizing the growing need for a solution to these issues several up market schools in India have opted to implement the ReTSER solution, a state of the art monitoring and security system designed especially considering Indian conditions and customized specially for our school.
Needless to say this does not absolve the parents of their continued duty and responsibility of being diligent parents and teaching their children to be responsible human beings.


Each student, teaching and admin staff, housekeeping staff, security, visitors etc, will be provided with “XITAG TM” an intelligent IDENTITY CARD. In essence, every person to enter the campus is accounted for real time all the time. For the highest level of security each XITAG ID cards multi frequency, unique and contains only relevant embedded student information that can ONLY be read by the school system. This card will also have the Photograph, name, class, roll number printed for visual identity.
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