School will be closed for the students from 9/1/17 to 11/1/17 as per DCs order . Pre board exams for class XII will be held as per the schedule given. Revised date sheet of UT4 will be uploaded soon.

      SUMMER CAMP 2016

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Equip Projects 2012 - 13
Serial No Title of current years EQUIP EQUIP type
  1. Improvement through problem solving,
  2. Improvement through innovation,
  3. Improvement through executing task
Date of starting the project.
1 Concept Based Learning Improvement through problem solving Started in the month July, 2012
2 Class teacher’s meeting with the Principal within the Time Table. Improvement through problem solving Beginning of the academic session 2011-12
3 Attendance Monitoring System Improvement through innovation Started in the month of July, 2012
4 Safety & Discipline Monitoring System using Technology Improvement through innovation Beginning of the academic session 2011-12