School will be closed for the students from 9/1/17 to 11/1/17 as per DCs order . Pre board exams for class XII will be held as per the schedule given. Revised date sheet of UT4 will be uploaded soon.

      SUMMER CAMP 2016

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CCA Calendar

19.04.16 Mahatma Hans Raj Birth Day
20.04.16 L.K.G. Thumb Printing Classroom Class Teachers
22.04.16 U.K.G. Leaf Pasting "
25.04.16 I & II Sit & Draw "
27.04.16 III & IV Handwriting — Hindi & English "
28.04.16 IV & V Solo Dance Corridor SCH, S.Bose, C.Priya, Kanchan
29.04.16 VI, VII & VIII Slogan Writing Corridor Moitrayee, Sumita, N.Panda, Cynia, Dola
28 to 29.04.16 III-V Football (Boys) Tournaments H/W Ground Nikunja, Dhananjay, Dhitesh, Ravi Mandal.
04.05.16 L.K.G. Palm Painting Classroom Class Teachers
05.05.16 U.K.G. Eng.Gr. Rhyme Classroom Class Teachers
05.05.16 I & II Eng. Recitation Corridor Class Teachers
07.05.16 III to V Sit & Draw Classroom Class Teachers & N.P.
04. & 05.05.16 VII to VIII Football Tournament (Boys) Ground Dhananjay & Nikunja
07.05.16 IX & X Eng. Creative Writing Classroom Eng. Teachers: SM & Meena, S.Panigrahi
13.06.16 to 22.06.16 LKG to XII UT - I
28, 29 & 30.06.16 Mock United Nation
30.06.2016 LKG to XII P.T. Meeting
06.07.16 Nursery Red Day Classroom Class Teachers
09.07.16 Super Achievers’ Award Ceremony
13.07.16 LKG & UKG Vegetable Printing Classroom Class Teachers
14.07.16 I & II Hindi Gr. Rhyme Corridor Class Teachers & Hindi Teachers
15.07.16 III to IV Hindi Recitation Corridor All Class Teachers, MT, MM
15.07.16 V & VI Gr. Patriotic Dance Stage S.B., SCH., Poonam
16.07.16 V & VI Gr. Patriotic Song Music Room/Stage PG, SG
18.07.16 VII & VIII Eng. Pub. Speaking Stage/Hall Tamanna, D.Purty
18.07.16 & 19.07.16 Football - IX & X Football - Boys Ground Dhananjay, Nikunja, N. Panda
01.08.16 to 09.08.16 LKG to XII UT - 2
03.08.16 Nursery, LKG & UKG Flag Making and Rakhi Making Classroom Class Teachers
04.08.16 I & II Fancy Dress (Role Play) Stage Class Teachers
05.08.16 III to V Rakhi Making Corridor Class Teachers
06.08.16 VI, VII, VIII Board Decoration Corridor House In -charges
15.08.16 Independence Day
19.08.16 I to X Camel Contest Classroom Class Teachers
20.08.16 P.T. Meeting for UT2, Science Exhibition for Std.VIII to XII
22.08.16 VIII & IX Hindi Debate Yoga Hall Rajeev Gandhi Akshay Urja Divas C. S. & DNT
22.08.16 VI & VII Hindi Declamation Yoga Hall RB & R. Gorai
22.08.16 VI & VII Eng. Declamation Stage DSP, M.Sinha
22.08.16 VIII & IX Eng. Debate Stage PS & S.Mukherjee
31.08.16 III to VII Jr. Sc. Exhibition
01.09.16 Nursery Green Day (Plantation) Corridor Class Teachers
01.09.16 & 02.09.16 House-wise Basketball Ground Class Teachers
02.09.16 LKG & UKG Garland Race & Plantation Ground Class Teachers
03.09.16 I & II Collage Making Classroom Class Teachers
03.09.16 IX & X Quiz Yoga Hall Quiz Club Members
06.09.16 and 07.09.16 XI and XII Football Tournament Ground Nikunja, Dhananjay, VK, Dhitesh
05.09.16 Teachers' Day
1st & 2nd week of Sep. Nursery to XII SA - I EXAM
Last week of Sep. ECSTASY
05.10.16 Nursery Yellow Day Classroom Class Teachers
05.10.16 VI, VII & VIII Gr. Folk Dance Corridor SB, SCH
06.10.16 III & IV Eng. Extempore Corridor ADG, SP, Moli, NT
06.10.16 LKG & UKG Eng. & Hindi Rhymes Corridor Class Teachers
07.10.16 I & II Eng. Story Telling Corridor Class Teachers
08.10.16 V & VI Maths Quiz Stage Mamta. SCH
10.10.16 VII & VIII Maths Quiz Stage AK, Sumita, VK
09.10.16 & 10.10.16 House-wise Kho Kho (Boys & Girls) Ground Nikunja, Dhananjay
15.10.16 Nursery to XII P.T. Meeting for SA -I Exam
03.11.16 I & II Diya Decoration Clasroom Class Teachers
04.11.16 Nursery Clay Moulding Classroom Class Teachers
04.11.16 III & IV Solo Bhajan Corridor SG, PG
05.11.16 LKG & UKG Diya Decoration Classroom Class Teachers
14.11.16 I to X ART EXHIBITION,
Children's Day
15.11.16 Birsa Jayanti
21.11 to 29.11.16 LKTG to XII UT III
02.12.16 Nursery Passing the Ball Ground Class Teachers
03.12.16 LKG, UKG Story Telling in Hindi Corridor Class Teachers
06.12.16 LKG, UKG 50 Mtrs. Flat Race Ground Dhananjay & Class Teachers
06.12.16 I & II Frog Race Boys & Toffee Race for Girls Ground Class Teachers
10.12.16 NUR to XII P.T. Meeting for UT-III
12.12.16 I to V Greeting Card Competition Classroom Class Teachers & Nabin Panda
19.12.16 Nursery to XII ANNUAL SPORTS DAY
23.12.16 Shradhanand Balidan Divas
26.12.16 Nursery to II CLASS PICNIC
29.12.16 Nursery to XII P.T. MEETING
09.01.17 to 16.01.17 XI and XII UT IV
09.01.17 to 19.01.17 LKG to X
09.01.16 to 23.01.16 PRE-BOARD XII
11.01. to 19.01.16 LKG to XI UT-IV
26.01.16 Republic Day
28.01.16 Lala Lajpat Rai's Birth Day
30.01.16 Nursery to XII P.T. MEETING FOR UT -IV
31.01.17 LKG to XII P.T. Meeting
01.02.16 to 10.02.16 PRE-BOARD FOR STD.X
12.02.16 Swami Dayanand Sarswati’s Birth Day
Third week of Feb. Nursery to XI SA-II EXAM.